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Hexagon Gift box tutorial by DT Priya Mishra

Hello Friends,


I am Priya with you today sharing a detailed tutorial for making a small gift box. Diwali is round the corner and I'm sure you people are creating awesome stuff for gifting. I made this box for gifting. You can put some candies or chocolates or any small gifts in it.

This is the  box. As you can see, it has a small handle, yes you can hold it from here and don't worry it won't open up. Though it is tiny, it is made really sturdy.

So let's start the tutorial...

Step 1: For this I took two pieces of white card stock measuring 9 1/2" * 4 1/8" and scored them on long side at  1 1/2", 3", 4 1/2", 6', 7 1/2", 9" and short side at 1 1/4"* 2 1/2". I am sharing both the pictures back to back for easier understanding.


P.S: These two pieces will be the cover and box part.

Step 2: Now, I cut the scored lines as below. The bigger squares were cut along the straight lines  and the other side is cut in a slightly triangle shape. This is for both the pieces.


 After cutting, both the pieces will look like this.


 Step 3: Now I cut along the short scoreline leaving the middle part. This is to join both ends.


Both the card pieces will look like this now.



Step 5: Now join both the ends of the box. I used regular white glue for this.



As you can see, both sides are joint now, I'll make the body next.



Step 6: Now I applied glue on the short sides of the box which were cut in slight triangle corners and glued each panel inside.



Now after gluing all the panels, it looked like this. This is the open side of the box.



Step 7: Now I turn the box and start attaching the bottom panels.


I'll take two panels facing exactly opposite to each other and stick them as shown in the picture.



Then the next two panels above them.



And finally the last two panels and this is how the bottom of the box will look like.



This is how it looks from inside.



Step 8: Now I repeated the same steps for the other card stock and here are the final two pieces.



Step 9: I made both the top and bottom panel of the same size, I made a stopper panel for the lower part of the box, so that the lid falls exactly in place when I close it.

For the stopper panel I took a card stock measuring 6 3/4"* 2 3/4" and scored it on long side at 1 3/8", 2 3/4", 4 1/8", 5 1/2" and on short side at 1 3/8". I applied glue on the short side as shown in picture and fold it.



Like this.         



Step 10: Then I glued this inner panel piece to the inside of the lower part of the box. I kept it short by 1 side of the hexagon so than I can attach both upper and lower part of the box here.



Step 11: For the inside joining panel I took a card stock measuring 1 1/2"* 2 1/2* and scored in long side at 1 1/4"




Step 12: Now I glued this piece to the top and bottom piece of the box as shown in the picture.



And the box looks like this when opened.



And like this when closed.



Step 13: Now the box is ready. I'll start embellishing it a bit so that it looks like a gift box. For the embellishment, I cut small pieces of paper for the sides of the box. So total 12 pieces for sides. Dimensions are 1 3/8"* 1 1/8"



And attached them like this.


After I finished, the box looked like this.



Step 14: Now I cut 4 circles out of white card stock in the dimension of 1 1/8" and pattern paper of 1". This is for the inside and outside top and bottom part of the box.



Step 15: Now I attached one set of circle to the outside base of the box.



And like this to the inner side of the box.



Step 16: Now I cut a piece of card stock measuring 6"*6/8" for the closing flap of the box and attach pattern paper on it.



Step 17: I attached this flap on the top of the box and glued the last set of circles on that. For smoothness in closing and keep it intact, I attached small magnet on the lower side of the flap and inner side of the box.



Step 18: Now I cut another two pieces of pattern paper measuring 4 1/2"* 2/8" and glued them together to make the handle of the box and scored it at 3/8 on both sides and glued on the lid of the box and it looks like this.


After I made this, I so loved the idea that I made a few more with different dimensions. 

Here's the full family...


Hope you like this tutorial and try make some for yourself. 

Supplies Used:
White Cardstock
Papericious Grey Bloom Paper pack

Papericious Rose Wedding Paper Pack

Martha Stewart Score Board

Circle Cutter

White Glue

All the above mentioned materials are available at the Rainbow Craftykari store and can also be pre-ordered by sending a mail to

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