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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Tutorial - How to use Flocking Powder and Glue Pad.

Flocking powder gives a velvet texture when added to any stamping projects. The easiest way is to use any glue or glue pad to adhere the flocking powder to the scrapbooking projects. Today I’m sharing the simple tutorial on how to use flocking powder in your scrapbooking projects and give your projects a totally new look.

Materials Required:

Dooodlebug Design Flocking Powder, Any Transparent Glue, Flower Die-Cuts or Kaisercraft Flowers, Reverse Tweezer, Hampton Art Glue Pad, Acrylic Stamp, Rhinestones, Flat Brush, Scissors and Small Bowl


Apply glue with the flat brush on Kaisercraft medium size flower.

Sprinkle Purple flocking  powder onto flower and Press reverse side of acrylic block onto flower and Leave it for a min to adhere completely. Shake off the excess powder.

Similarly Sprinkle Cyan flocking powder onto small size kaisercraft flower and set it for a min. Voila! Flower is ready to adhere onto the Card.

Next, Apply some glue to Hampton Art glue pad.  Tap acrylic stamp several times onto Glue Pad, and stamp image onto the cardstock.

Sprinkle Dark Pink flocking powder onto stamped image and shake off the excess powder.

The little heart is ready to adhere onto card.

Here is my Result. It took only 10-15 mins to make this lovely card.
I'm in love with Flocking Powder :)

Flocking Powder gives totally different dimensions to the Scrapbooking Projects.
Flocking Powder and Hampton Art Glue Pad are available in our store.

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