Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Guest DT post by Shoma - Tutorial on Sospeso Transpente

Heya Crafters, Hope you all are enjoying Winters.This month we have bring an exclusive tutorial on Sospeso Transpente.

Let me introduce this month Guest DT who is passionate about crafts since her childhood and love to learn new forms of crafts. Presently she's into Paper Quilling , Scrapbooking, Greeting cards, Lamasa, Handmade Chocolate and Sospeso Transpente. Yes! She is Shoma Beramji (G.Noida) of Art Bug India and Krafter's Kart Store .

Hello friends,

Today I am going to show you how I made these lovely Sospeso flowers and used then in my projects. As we all know that there are different ways of making these flowers. I will show you how to make the flowers using Sospeso Napkin (printed fabric), Plastic Film and The printed tissue.
A special thanks to Maninder for inviting me to be a Guest designer on Rainbow Craftykari blog. All the materials used in the making of this project is from Rainbow Craftykari Store.

These are the things that we need to make out project, Scissor, sospeso glue, some glitters, small pollens(if you wish to put), the embossing tools, candle, and any kind of tissue. I made some flowers with napkin, some with regular tissue that you get for decoupage, and the normal printed tissue that we get in Monica Allegra’s collection, and some clear Transparencies and a paint brush to apply the glue with and glue gun.

Cut all the paper roughly so that you can stick on the transparent sheets with the glue. This is how it looks after cutting the extra parts of napkin and transparent sheet.
If u want a darker look then you can first put a white or a matching sheet of paper and then glue the tissue on top. That will give it a more brighter look.

The Sospeso glue is very thick so add water to make it liquid.. the instructions are written on the bottle. When you adhere, first apply a coat of glue on the base then put Napkin or Tissue on top and then again slowly with a brush apply another layer (the way we do for decoupage)

*Note : you can glue the printed side down that will give you a glossy finish or you can do print side up that will give you a matte finish.

Once you finish gluing your sheet it will look like this (here I've pasted napkin, tissue paper and the printed napkin) Give it time to dry about 4-6 hours depending on the weather.

Once it dries it will look like this, now the tough part is cutting the sheets. I would normally make a pencil layout of what and how i would want to arrange so that my work becomes easy.

After the cutting final sheet will look like this. You can cut further if your layout demands.

Then starts the embossing and debossing of the flowers to give it a more realistic look..its your choice what and how you want your flower to be.
Add the finishing touches, put glitters or pollens or diamond dust with the help of some glue, you can even put a layer of varnish if you wish to and start assembling the flowers together with the help of silicone glue or a glue gun.

Making  of the Printed Sheet flowers

The process of making these flowers is almost the same, just a few things too keep in mind.

We start by cutting the printed sheets, once cut, you can further cut the flowers and the petals if you want a dense or layered look.

Lit a Candle and Bring the flower film close to the fire, keep just 3-4inch gap so that u don’t end up burning the plastic. Then heat one petal at a time n emboss or deboss.

Soon your flower will start taking shape, Arrange the small flower in side the big flower to give a dense effect.

At the end add the desired look to the flower, I wanted to put pearls but u can put anything or your choice to decorate it. This is how the finished flower looks like ready to be used in any project, you can add more beads or pearls so that it looks attractive.
For any questions related to this tutorial please leave a comment and we will get back to you.

Have a nice time making Sospeso.

Here is My Finished Projects:

All Sospeso Material is available at Rainbow Craftykari Store
Sospeso Material
Napkins -
Diamond Dust, Pearls and Sparkle -

- If you keep film very close to the fire it will burn.
- When working with the glue gun you need to be carefully holding the flower so that with the hot glue your flower  does not bend.
- If at any point you feel the flower has not come the way you wanted it to come then don’t worry, just put it on the table and with your heat gun, just run over it, so it will become a flat sheet and you can work again.
- Don’t rub your embossing tool too hard on the printed side as the color will come out.

Thank you Rainbow Craftykari Team once again for inviting me a guest designer on your blog.
Have a Great Day
Shoma Beramji

Thank so much Shoma for the Tutorial, Tips and Projects you've shared with us.