Sunday, 31 December 2017

RCS Challenge #8 X-MAS Joy WInners

Hello Everyone, 

Today we're here to announce our December Challenge Winners.

We've had so many gorgoeus entries, and we love how you'll interpreted the challenge! It has been a pleasure seeing so many beautiful Christmas Creations!! A few of you didn't qualify as the challenge banner was missing in your post!

We love all the entries, and it's always hard to choose a few. However, some things have to be done...

Let's move on to the announcement!!

The top three in no particular order are

1. Mugdha Gujarathi

We love qulling on this card! Its is super gorgeous and all those elements are fabulous!

2. Drishti Gagwani

A lovely Christmas Card! The elements and the layering is all so pretty! The Penguin is coloured beautifully as well!

 3. Radhika- Hobby Crafts

This is a beautiful one layer card! It has the perfect depth and dimesion and a beautifully created scene!

Top three, do grab your badges from the blog and flaunt them!

Now onto our winner!! So this time, we were blown away with the entries and we decided to pick two winners! Yes you heard us right!

Our first winner who has won a gift voucher worth Rs. 450/- to the Rainbow Craftykari Store is 

Megha - Broken Crayons

This project took our breath away! The tree advent calendar is so beautiful! It has been well executed and we just can't take our eyes of it!

Kindly grab your badge from the blog and flaunt it. Do email us at with the subject Challenge #8 X-Mas Joy Winner to claim your voucher. 

Our second winner has won a 6"x 6" Paper Pad , prize is sponsor by Aditi Mahajan - Blog Coordnator! The winner is

Raga- Perky Hobby

This card is super adorable! The fairies are so cute and love the way they have been created! 

Kindly grab your badge from the blog and flaunt it. Do email us at with the subject Challenge #8 X-Mas Joy Winner to claim your prize. 


Wishing you all a great season of holiday and a very Happy New Year 2018:)!
Looking forward to a creative year with you all!

Monday, 25 December 2017

Name Plate Inspiration by DT Mounika

Hi everyone, I am here with a simple and easy name plate that you can make and decorate your home with...

To start with lightly sanded an MDF base and clean it with a dry cloth. I have used a tray here. Then apply Chocolate Brown shade of Chalk Paint to the inside of the base and Ocean Blue for the outside of the base.

Once the chalk paint is dry, cut down pattern paper to the fit inside the base, distress it with ink and glue it to the base. 

Then, choose a few chipboard embellishments and and distress them with distress inks randomly. Finally glue them on the inner base.

Use MDF letters for the desired name and paint them with chalk paint and distress the edges with inks. Arrange and glue them inside the base. To decorate further, use flowers, leaves and other embellishments from your stash around the frame. 

Materials used:

  • Mdf base
  • Chalk paint
  • Distress Inks- Walnut Stain, Peacock Feathers, Seedless Preserves
  • Pattern papers
  • Mulberry flowers
  • Mdf alphabets
  • Papericious chipboard embellishment
  • Heart shaped chipboard embellishment
  • White glue

All the above used materials are available at rainbowcraftykari store or you can pre-order them by sending an e-mail to
Hope you all like my project!
Happy crafting!

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Quilled Wall Clock by DT Ishani

Hello dear crafters,

      As the year comes to an end, I think it’s time to pause and think of all the good things that happened and the lessons we learnt from our mistakes. An ode to the time, which stops for none is the project I have for you.

     I have a quilled clock to adore the lovely walls of your little girl’s room. You can have variations as per your requirement. You could also make it to suit your d├ęcor or may have a masculine themed clock. I just adore florals and wanted to show you some simple quilled flowers to adorn anything you’d want to.

Material required:

Cardboard/chipboard (for frame of the clock)

Clock assembly

Pattern paper

Double sided tape

Quilling strips (3mm or 5mm)

Slotted quilling tool



Small half pearls

1. I took an empty chocolate box as a base of my clock. You can take a cardboard/ chipboard or any other cardboard box of your choice for the base of the clock.

2. I found the centre point of the base and poked a hole so that the clock assembly can come piercing through that hole. Then I assembled the clock parts to see if they
fit well.

3. Then I took a pattern paper to cover the cardboard piece and tucked it into the sides neatly. I used double-sided tape on the surface of the box to neatly stick the
pattern paper.

4. Now is the time to quill your favourite things. I have used 3mm strips here, but if you are a beginner you can start with 5mm strips (as you have more surface to hold on to). I used basic teardrop shape to make the majority of my flowers and leaves. To quill a teardrop shape, make a tight coil of the strip take it off the quilling tool, loosen the coils just a little bit and pinch from one side. Most of the shapes are done this way, just the pinching differs. I used a half pearl for the centre of few of the flowers.

These are the shapes I made with the teardrop shape.

5. I used another favourite technique of mine to make a flower by using the crimping tool. Crimp the strip you want to be the outside of the flower. Attach it to the small strip that will make the pollen area of the flower. Then, coil it to have a plain pollen part and a crimped petal part.

6. I made tight coils of two colours stuck together and made tendrils to add interest to the flowers and leaves.

7. Before you stick them on, mark the hours utilising a protractor, from 0° to 360°at 30° difference. Arrange your flowers depicting each hour and stick them on the base
using glue. You could also glaze each of the flowers or use a sealant to protect your work before you stick them. 

8. Now that the flowers are arranged and glued to the clock, put a battery in your clock assembly and your clock is ready and ticking!

I hope you are inspired by this tutorial and would try something similar. Most of the materials mentioned above are available at Rainbow Craftykari Store and you can also pre-order by sending an e-mail to

Happy Crafting

Monday, 18 December 2017

Layered Card Inspiration by DT Khushboo

Good morning guys! 

This is Khushboo Gandhi here, with an inspiration post this week. For my project this time, I chose to show you guys how you can achieve layering when you're making cards. Sometimes layering looks complicated, but it's not that difficult. There's a simple technique to it - and it all comes down to balancing out your elements on the card.

So let's take a look first at what I've created.

Materials used:

  • White cardstock
  • Aqua blue cardstock 
  • Chipboard
  • Washi tape
  • Designer corner punch
  • Glue
  • Designer paper/tags
  • Sentiment
  • Pearl brads
  • Wooden embellishment
  • Lindy's brown spray paint
  • Paint brush
  • Brown distress ink
  • Printer paper

Brief steps for creating a card with layers:

  • Take an A4 sized white cardstock and score in the middle of it - to fold it into two and serve as a base (and the first) layer of the card.
  • For the second layer - take an aqua blue cardstock and cut it 1/8th inch less than that of your white card. Punch the corners with a designer corner punch.
  • Add chipboard underneath it (to give it a 3d effect) and stick it onto the base.
  • For the third layer - take your pattern paper and cut it in the shape of tags. If you want, you can stick it onto a black cardstock before sticking it on the chipboard, and then onto the aqua blue cardstock.
  • Take your brown distress ink and distress the edges of the cardstocks.
  • Curl or distress the edges of your tags to give it more depth and character.
  • For the base line, below the tags, take a thin strip of printer paper and cover it with a washi tape of your choice. Stick it underneath the tags to make the card more cohesive.
  • Stick a sentiment of your choice, with pearl brads at its ends.
  • Finally, splash some brown spray around the card.

Hope you guys enjoyed my creations and the tutorial. Can't wait to see how you add your own twist to this!

Above mentioned products are available at Rainbow Craftykari Store OR you can pre-order the products by sending email at rainbowcraftykari@gmail.comThat's it from me, folks!

Signing out,

Khushboo R. Gandhi

Friday, 15 December 2017

Winter Wonderland Tutorial By DT Priya

Hello Crafty Friends,

We've reached the last month of the year and what a beautiful theme we have for the christmas season here at Rainbow Craftykari blog.


I'm Priya with you today with a picture tutorial of my project "Winter Wonderland" 
This is what I've made:



So let's start the tutorial...


Step 1:
I started with making the base for this. I have a lot of thermocol pieces in various shapes and sizes so I decided to make the base with them. Here are the two pieces with which I made the base. 



Step 2:

I cut the circular piece into half and glued it to the rectangle base like this.

Step 3:

Now I cut a piece of gauze and dipped it in white gesso and adhered on the top part of the half circle. My idea here is to make some effect of melting ice dripping from the roof. After this you can choose to paint the whole with white chalk paint. I did not do it as I'm going to cover the whole surface.

Step 4:

Now I'm going to make the christmas trees. For this I used bottle cleaning brush and cut them into half, colored them and added gesso to give the look of ice on them. For two of them I adhered wooden slices on the base with the help of glue gun and rest two I fixed in the front. You can see the difference in the texture of the trees. It is because I used two brushes one is new one is used and old one. I'll recommend to use new one to get better result. Pictures of all these steps are below.

Step 5:
I fixed two trees at different heights in front. For this I used a small piece of thermocol as the base for the tree attached below. I attached two foam silver stars on the top of both the trees here. Picture follows...

Step 6:

Now I had these pine cones which I collected from our trip to Shimla. These are excellent pieces to use in any craft project. I picked one and brushed white gesso on it and attached to my base beside the Christmas tree.

Step 7:

Now I covered the base with green moss. For this I used Tacky glue and it looked really nice and green. And attached two bells on to one side of the roof.

So, it looked like this after this step is done. Then I went on to add some snow for which I used this... Polyester that is used to stuff the stuffed toys.

Now it's time to decorate this wonderland and add some color. I opted to do some quilling pieces for this.

Step 8:

As you can see in the picture, I used 3mm and 5mm white strips, 5mm Red strips and Black 3mm strips, quilling tool and white glue.

I made a few white and red berries first and here are the dimensions. As you can see I have already made little domes out of the quilled circles. I made them with 3mm strips only and used 2 strips for each big dome and 1 strip for each small dome. Here I have shown the picture of flower wire which is going to be the pedicel for the buds here.

Now I cut the wire and made the bunch of berries as shown in the picture below.

After placing the wire into one dome, I sealed it adhering the other half of the dome.

After making it into a bunch, I attached few leaves from my plant to make it look more attractive and also brushed some white gesso here.

Step 9:

Now I decided to make a snowman and ended up making two. The dimensions are same for both, difference is the strips used; one is made with 3 mm and the other with 5mm.

Their scarf was made out of 5 mm strips just one wrap around the neck and glued in front and back.

Step 10: Now onto our favorite Santa Claus. He looks like this once finished.

The dimensions

For his hair and beard, I used 3mm strips cut into small pieces and curled them. Then I attached them onto it's head like this...

Step 11:

Now I arranged all the pieces on the base and sprinkled some glitter here and there. My Wonderland is ready. Some more pictures...

This is how it looks from the backside

Tried some light in Dark

Supplies Used:
Thermocol Sheet and some shaped pieces
White gesso
Tacky Glue
White Glue

Quilling Tool
Plyer Cutter

Quilling Strips ( 3mm, 5mm)
Dried Moss

Wooden Slices
Pine cone

Foam Stars

Hope you liked the tutorial. You can get above mentioned supplies from Rainbow Craftykari Store.

And do not forget to enter our challenge here and get inspired by our amazing DT Members.

Priya Mishra