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Guest DT Bipasha: Altered your Drawings, MDF & Cage using Beeswax and Spellbinder Media Mixage

Heya Crafters, Whats up new going? Well Today we have came up with amazing post on Mixed Media. Let me introduce to you a crafter who is an electronics engineer. Her passion for art and craft is totally unending. She's always surprise us with her out of circle imagination and her drawing skills are incredible. She is Bipasha from Bk's Creative Corner
Over to you Bipasha

Bonjour my dear crafters!This is Bipasha from Bk's Creative Corner.At the very outset, I would like to thank super talented Maninder for giving me a chance to be a Guest Designer for my very favorite Rainbow Craftkari Blog and the super gorgeous GDT kit :),believe me the very moment I unpacked my parcel,it left me in complete awe and admiration for each of the products,specially the wooden embellies, metal findings,the Spellbinders Media Mixage ! Gosh I was dreaming of all crazy creations :P !!

It's a  little lengthy picture heavy post,so get a hold of your favourite drink and have fun going through the post :).

I will be sharing three projects with you and two techniques of fun experimentation with Beeswax!

Project 1: #Making a collage with beeswax(clear) (technique A),Colour me Crazy-Petalloo flowers, canvas board and some metal charms.


(Melt Art is way beyond fun! It’s super easy to experiment with all the cool (or should I say hot?) meltable mediums when you have the Ranger Melting Pot, no doubt.But who says you can't play with beeswax unless you hav a melting pot ?)

To work with the bees wax,I wanted a strong image to use as the focal point for my collage, and followed a few easy procedures to make it real grungy.
I sketched my image with charcoal pencils, then mod podged an old dictionary paper torn-outs(distress inked the edges while doing so) as a mask for my "grungy lady",and finally used coffee to give little effect to the entire image.

Now the image was ready for the real experiment with the beeswax ! To add little drama, I cut out my entire image into pieces alike those of puzzle games, and distress inked the edges.Then I stamped on random areas of the pieces with my red momento ink.

Then,I placed some beeswax pellets on each piece and ironed it out with my craft iron. Can u see lovely, foggy ethereal quality added by the wax to your surface and oh, the texture!

Next, i distress inked the edges of the canvas board using Walnut Stain

My next job was to make some co-coordinating embellishment for my grungy lady ;)! So I distress stained,stamped some of the awesome color me crazy petaloo flowers. The best part about them is they are so easy to stamp, ink, or mist. Take out a mat and "color" away, to make one-of-kind, beautiful embellishments in seconds.

Once they were ready, I started working on the rest part of my collage and stamped and pencil-colored the area to create of my favorite dimensional brick look.

Once I was quite happy with placements and layouts,I glued down the accesories and voila!! My grungy lady is all ready for the show :) 

Project 2 : #Making a penstand with the amazing MDFs,decouplage napkins and beeswax(clear) (technique B).

(My entire idea was to make it a little shabby-chic and also add a little vintage-y touch to it.So I selected the colour scheme as pink,black and slight brown vintage old touch *here and there. Hahaa, well the "here and there stuffs" will be stressed more in the below instructions though ;)

I separated the stuffs required for the primary base look of the pen stand. I thought of decoupaging it with the wonderful napkins from the store.I mixed a little paint and gesso and colored the entire mdf stand, giving it a creamy pink tint.

After the basic coat dried up completely, I decoupaged the napkin with mod-podge. In other cases, I would have preferred to roll out the wrinkles created on the napkin with a roller or a damp sponge before drying, but I left it as it is for this project, I loved the worn un-neat look!I stamped the visible edges of the stand with bo-bunny stamp and momento inks.

I collected two random stamps and planned to use them as embellishments! yes I mean postal stamps and i'm going to use it as embellishments. I distressed the postal stamp with Vintage photo stain and applied melted clear Beeswax, its worked out the perfect magic. I used a simple lighter to melt the wax and create a faint aged texture. I feel they look perfectly aged and gorgeous !

Finally, I added a few textures with Modelling paste(add a little pink tint) and gessoed + stamped few mdf embellishments to co-ordinate the entire project.

And we are done ! :)

Project 3 : #Making a dangler with the Spellbinders Media Mixáge.
(I have long been a fan of Susan Lenart's eclectic style, her embellishment range always blew me away and this Spellbinder Media Mixage is not an exception !)
I had seperated some of the assemblies(flowers,mini beads,etc) that I thought it might go well with the project.

(I have cut out co-ordinating pieces from the printable's and glued them inside the Spellbinders Media Mixáge bezel. Squeeze Dimensional Magic over the paper in a thin, even layer, creating a slight dome. Starting around the edges and spiraling inward, filling in any gaps.Use your finger or a toothpick to pop any air bubbles, then let the glaze dry in place (about 24 hours), allowing it to cure.If necessary, prop the bezel so that it will lie flat and level. (If you don't have dimensional magic mod podge, you can apply beeswax to give a textured look or you can apply Ranger Glossy Accents)

Finally, when it is cured, attach any embellishments desired such as metal charms,flowers etc. to give it the finished look !

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