Saturday, 30 September 2017

Origami Shadow Box by DT Ishani

Hello Dear friends,

Today I am here with an Inspiration post for you, an easy DIY shadow box + Origami, you could gift to your friend who just had a baby. I am using an age old paper art - Origami for my shadow box, but you could use it for anything you want to display.

I always felt the dimensions of a project like quilling and origami gives the handmade creations a different look. But I always struggled to find a frame for the same, even if I found, it was a little expensive for me. So why not give dimension to a common photo frame?

You can choose any dimension of photo frame for this, depending on your project. Remove the pins and the backing of the frame. Now you will have the glass, the side frame and the backing of the frame.


Take a heavy gsm paper, 220 gsm or more and trace the glass size on it. Now with the ruler, trace 2 cms around the glass measurements.


Let the lines dissect when meeting at the corner. These lines will give depth to the edges of the frame. Then, cut along the outer line to get a rectangle.


Next, with a scoring tool score the innermost line, to get raised edges. Cut the two opposite corners.


Fold the four side with the help of a scoring tool, giving it a neat crease on the inner most line.


Now that you have raised sides stick the corners together with a cello tape. Try to place it in the frame and see if it fits well. 


Now that the frame is almost ready, once you put all the elements together place the backing of the frame over the cardstock and stick it up with a strong cello tape. 


Now, our shadow box frame is ready to be used for framing. I planned to do origami and made a onesie (with a bib) and a diaper with origami paper.


When I thought about how to incorporate it, I thought they'll look nice if I put them on clothesline with wooden clothespin, as if they are hanging after a wash.

Here are some close ups of the final project:

Supplies used:

  • Photo frame
  • Cardstock of 220 gsm 
  • Cello Tape
  • Double sided tape
  • Scissors or Paper cutter
  • Ruler 
  • Pencil
  • Origami Paper (10 x 10 cms for the onesie and 7x7 cms for the diaper)
  • Safety pin 
  • Pattered paper (for bib)
  • A piece of cord
  • Wooden clothespin
  • Washi tape

Hope this project inspires you try something similar too. You can find all these supplies at the Rainbow Craftykari store or you can Pre-order by sending an email at

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Friday, 29 September 2017

Quick and Easy Chipboard Box Tutorial by DT Khushboo

Good morning Crafters!

Hope you're having a good day so far. Khushboo here with a new tutorial post at the blog today.

In our field of work, boxes play as important a part as our projects. But finding a box that fits our project is a mammoth task - and an impossible one at that! To solve that problem, today I'll teach you how to make a chipboard box from scratch! With this technique, you'll be able to make a box of any size - according to your project! So let's get on with this tutorial where I list out how to make a 4x4x2 inches chipboard box.


Step 1:Take a 900gsm chipboard and cut out these sizes - one 4x4 inches piece (for the base) and four 4x2 inches pieces (for the sides).


Step 2: For the lid, cut these sizes: one 4.25x4.25 inches piece + four 4.25x1 inches pieces (ignore the sizes on the pieces below).


Step 3:For the lid, cut a cardstock measuring 7.5x7.5 inches and stick the chipboard pieces cut for the lid as shown in the pic below. Always leave a gap of 1/8th of an inch between all the pieces around your base piece (4.25x4.25 inches).


Step 4:

Now this is a slightly tricky part, but once you get the hang of it, it gets really easy. Make a slit along the corners of the cardstock - next to the chipboard that covers the sides (as shown below). Make sure that all the slits follow a clockwise direction. Next, trim these slits at an angle from both the sides - the way you do when you want to make a cover for your scrapbook album.

Step 5:

Apply your double-sided tape or glue (whatever you're comfortable with) as shown below.

Step 6:

Now, start first by folding the cardstock onto your side chipboard pieces (as shown below).
Step 7:

Now what you're left with are the long slits that you made. Every long slit will be wrapped outside the side chipboard piece as shown in the pic below.

Step 8:

Wrap all the long slits along the outside of the side chipboard pieces and you should get a box that looks like this:

And the top looks like this:

Step 9:

For the base of the box, follow the same steps - from step 3 to 8. The cardstock that you'll need for the base measures 9.25x9.25 inches. Your box now should look like this:

Step 10:

Now we advance to making our box more secure and clean. For this, we need hinges or structure strips, call it whatever you want. These will go at the base of your box, the lid, and the corners. You will need to cut your cardstock in these sizes: four 4.25x1 inches pieces + four 1x1 inches pieces - for the lid. For the base, you'll need: four 4x1 inches pieces + four 2x1 inches pieces. 

Step 11:

Score them at half an inch and add double-sided tape on them (as shown in the above pics). Next, cut these strips at an angle as well (as shown below) - the way you would do for your hinges in your scrapbook album.

Step 12:

Start by sticking these at the horizontal corner as shown in the pic below.

Your small hinges run along the vertical corners as can be seen in the pics below.

This was the final step in making your box. Now you can get to decorating it - by adding pattern papers. Always remember, to cut your pattern 1/8th of an inch less in size from all the sides than your box. For e.g.: for your 4x4 base - you will need to cut your paper that measures 3.75x3.75 inches in size. And for the sides - you will need to cut it at 1.75x1.75 inches.

And Voila! My finished project looks something like this!!!

Since you guys are already well-versed with how to decorate and embellish a project, I will briefly take you through how I did mine. I cut my pattern papers 1/8th inch less (from all sides) than my chipboard sizes. I stuck the papers all over - the top, the insides, the base, the sides. Then I collected some coordinating flowers and embellishes. I stuck my cycle die-cut first; and then kind of 'droppingly' placed my flowers. The prominent red roses that you see on my projects are from the Rainbow Craftykari Store and trust me guys, these are to die for!!! They look so darn yumm and gorgeous - I just HAD to use them in my project!
I then took some sentiments and designed pieces and randomly stuck them on the sides of the lid - I felt that gave quite a whimsical character to my box. I then balanced out the empty space with some pearls - without overdoing it! Hope you guys enjoy these close-up pictures of my finished project!


Materials used:

  • Chipboard 900 gsm
  • Cardstock
  • Pattern Paper
  • Double-sided tape
  • Glue
  • Flowers
  • Fillers
  • Die-cuts
  • Pearls
  • Sentiments

Hope you guys enjoyed my creations and the tutorial. Can't wait to see how you add your own twist to this!

Above mentioned products are available at Rainbow Craftykari Store OR you can pre-order the products by sending email at

That's it from me, folks!

Signing out,
Khushboo R. Gandhi

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Altered Color Mixing Palette by DT Priya

Hello Crafty Friends

Good Morning. 

Priya here today with my Inspiration post for the month of September. This is a mixed media altered project again...Ya, I love them.

I have seen many altered palettes... but all of them are wooden or MDF, so I thought why not to alter a real palette...that I use or no longer use. 

So, here's how it looked after all the hard work... 

For this I sanded the palette a bit then added 2 coats of heavy gesso. I layered gauze cloth on one side and corrugated sheet on the other side of this. Then I added some stones, Chipboards, sea shells, Metal and resin embellishments to create layers. Then I started coloring. I used metallic paints here in shades of purple, pink and blue.

Finally after it dried completely, I adhered two paint brushes on one side of it.
Here are some more close up shots

Supplies used:

Any Color Palette ( Here I used Round one)
Art Basic Heavy Gesso White
Corrugated sheet
Papericious Chip Boards 
Art Stones
Metal Charms
Sea Shells
Painy Brushes
Metallic Paints

You can find all the above mentioned products at or preorder by email to

Hope you like my project. 
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