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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Altered Household Items Tutorial by Our Guest DT Richa

A very warm good morning to you all.

Hope you all had a lovely Holi.

Today in our Teaching and Learning Program we have our Guest DT Richa with some altered items which she made using household items with Mixed Media techniques.

Over to you Richa,

Hello everyone,

This is my first post as GDT member of Rainbow Craftykari and I am really excited to be a part of this Teaching and Learning Program. I would like to thank Maninder Kaur for giving me this awesome opportunity.

Who doesn't love antique showpieces? But purchasing these can make a huge hole in your pocket. Today as a part of GDT I am going to show you how to alter old household items into antique beauties using mixed media techniques. The thing that I love about Mixed Media is that you can never go wrong with it and even if you make a mistake by chance, you can always cover it up with gesso and can start again.

Project 1: Altered Bottl

To make this take an old glass bottle, some tissue paper and mod podge.

Wrinkle the tissue paper and unfold it. Start covering the bottle with mod podge using simple brush or sponge brush and stick the wrinkle tissue paper as you go.

More wrinkles will ensure more texture and texture is what mixed media is all about. For more texture I have added layers of tissue paper. Don't worry if the papers tears while applying mod podge. Just add a patch of paper there and it will become unnoticeable. 

When covered the whole bottle with paper, give it a coat of mod podge.

For more texture add some cheesecloth and leave it to dry.

Add some corrugated sheets with glue. Give the whole thing a cover of black gesso or black acrylic paint and let it dry.

To add more texture you can use cotton laces. To make the front panel add a circular corrugated sheet and apply texture paste mixed with beads on the edges. To give it a more antique look add flat based pearls/thermocol balls randomly with glue.

Cover everything with black gesso/acrylic paint.

It still looked incomplete. So I decided to add a central shiny embellishment. To make this one, I took an old bottle cap and covered it with black gesso and metallic paints. Then added some silver sparkle in the central part using glue and allowed it to dry. On the sparkle added green glass stone to bring out some contrast.
Tip: Sparkles are always messy. Before playing with sparkles always cover your hands with talc powder. The sparkle won't stick to your fingers. Less mess created.

Now it's time to have some fun with metallic paints. On this project I have used golden and brick red metallic paints. To apply the paint, use dry brushing technique. In this technique, the paint brush is kept relatively dry but still holds some paint. The key is to dip the very tip of the brush into the paint and wipe or dab a little bit paint off on rag. Make sure the bristles still appear separate instead of clumped together before brushing. And then paint the surface with light handed (not much pressure) fast strokes.
Tip: If you are not comfortable with dry brushing you can always use your fingers. Pick up little pigment in between your fingers and cover the raised areas.
Add the stone embellishment to your central corrugated sheet and apply two coats of varnish to the whole bottle. Your Antique altered bottle is ready.

Project 2: Altered Pen Stand

I just couldn’t stop after altering the bottle and went on altering an old pen stand.

To alter the pen stand, follow the same steps. Cover it with mod podge, layers of tissue paper and black gesso/acrylic paint. Leave it to dry.

To embellish punch out some flowers and emboss the petals with embossing tool. 
Tip: Before embossing the petals, spray some water over them and emboss carefully so that you don't tear the paper. Misting helps in retaining the embossed shape.

Glue the flowers, cotton lace, buttons and slider of zip to the pen stand. Here I have added the button in the shape of a butterfly and have also added plastic embellishment spelling 'Dear Friend'. Cover the embellishments with black gesso/acrylic paint.

Dry Brush everything with metallic paints and apply two coats of varnish. Here is the final outcome.

Materials Used:

Glass bottle, cap, pen stand,
Buttons and zip slider,
Tissue paper,
Corrugated sheets,
Cotton lace,
Texture paste,
Small pearls,
Flat base pearls/thermocol balls,
Glass stone,
Glitter powder,
Flower punch,
Embossing tool,
Mini mister,
Mod podge,
Black gesso/acrylic paint,
Metallic paints,
Glue gun/white glue.

Above listed Materials are available at Rainbow Craftykari Store or you can pre-order to them by sending an email at

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and got inspired to make some antique alterations and don't forget to participate in our first monthly challenge, Revamp your Scraps' to win some exciting prizes, here is the link to the challenge post.

Richa Maurya.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Recycle Empty Tape Roll Photo Frame Tutorial by Our Guest DT Mounika K

Hello Crafters,

A lovely Good Morning to you all,

We are back today with an awesome tutorial in our Teaching and Learning Program. Our Guest DT Mounika has recycled the glue tape rolls into a beautiful photo frame. So from now onward don't throw your rolls but create a beautiful frame like this. Sit back and enjoy the tutorial.

Over to you Mounika,

Hi everyone,

I am so happy to be part of Rainbow Craftykari Guest Design Team member, my heart-full thanks to Maninder Kaur and Team for this opportunity.

Today as part of GDT I am going to show you  how to create photo farm using empty tape rolls.

start with clean the tape roll and softly sand them to get rid of any stickiness and dirt on it. To prepare the base give two coats of gesso and let them dry.

Trace the circle on chipboard using the rolls and cut them for the base and also cut three extra circle in different sizes and pattern papers for the same and distress the edges.

For this I have use Papericious the Floral Season Collection.

Camel texture paste and stencils to create some texture on the rolls and let it to dry. You can use any stencils of your choice.

they are dry, dab them with some acrylic colors using sponge brush, I have used green and blue colors.

all the circle together to make a frame as shown in the picture below and adhere them using white glue. Don't disturb until it dry completely.

embellishment, I have arranged mulberry flowers and some lace flowers, once I was happy with the arrangement I adhere them using glue gun or you can use white glue. As I thought of love theme for this project I choose camera, couple birds and dragon fly, arranged them once I am happy with arrangement, adhere them using glossy accent left them undisturbed for some time.

the middle frame I adhere a photo and on left side I glued some twine, pearl string and heart, for which is distressed with mustard seed and seedless preserve distress inks and added some diamond dust on it. And for the last frame I added a sentiment and some lace to finish off it.

Here are few close up of finished work,

Materials used

Empty tape rolls
Pattern papers – Papericious The Floral Season & Golden Garden
Acrylic colors
Texture paste
White glue
Distress inks
Mulberry flowers
Pearl stings
Metal charms
Hope you all enjoyed the tutorial.

Above listed Materials are available at Rainbow Craftykari Store or you can pre-order to them by sending an email at

I hope i have inspired you all to make the beautiful project by recycling it. Don't forget to participate in our monthly challenge, "Revamp your Scraps" and grab a chance to win a prize. Checkout the details at


Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Guest DT Reveal Oct' 2016 Third and Final Day

Hello Crafters,

A very Good Morning to you all.

Welcome back with more diamonds we are going to introduce on the final day of Guest DT revelation in our Teaching and Learning Program. If you missed our first and second day reveal then you can watch it Here and Here.

Here we go,

Our First Guest DT is Zalak Amarendra Kumar

Over to you Zalak,
Hi, I am Zalak Mandal. Basically from Ahmedabad but lives in Chennai. Somehow or other crafting has always been in my life. From childhood I was found of making sketches and drawing. Gradually I started making handmade cards for gifting it to my friends and family at various occasions. That's how a little of crafting started in my life. I am happy and excited to be a part of Rainbow Craftykari.

My blog link -

My Few Recent Works

Our second Guest DT is Anushree Vaish

Over to you Anushree,

Hello, I am Anushree from Bangalore. I am married for 8 years now  and have 2 beautiful daughters aged 6 and 2. Paper crafting, Card making and Mixed Media works started with making some birthday cards for my daughter in 2014. Started this beautiful art from Pinterest to teaching and finally to the wonderful world of blogging. I have been hooked ever since and to be precise I have been making cards and mixed media projects for 16 months now. My style is CAS and what makes my cards and mixed media projects unique is that I always try to make my designs meaningful. I also love to explore different products and techniques to make cards, boxes, mini books and home decor. My favorite way to create cards is by layering and incorporating mixed media. No matter what aesthetic I feel like working in, almost all of my designs will be saturated in colors or filled with texture. I love being able to help and encourage people, both through my work and creativity.

My blog link -
My Few Recent Works

Our third Guest DT is Halak Shah

Over to you Halak,
Hello, I'm Halak, I'm a commerce graduate and I have loved Art ever since I was enrolled into Art classes (4th grade). Got introduced to stamping and paper crafting a few years ago and finally started my blog in 2014. After that there's been no looking back. I love working with papers, stamps, cutting dies and stencils.
My style is usually CAS with a bit of whimsy thrown in. I also enjoy making miniature Mixed Media pieces like ATC and Art tiles.

My blog link - 

My Few Recent Works

Our fourth and final Guest DT is Pavitra Chanchal

Over to you Pavitra,

Hello, I'm Pavitra Chanchal and am very thrilled to be a guest designer for Rainbow Craftykari blog this month. I made my master's in Food and Nutrition and Nutritionist by profession. I'm a crafter by passion and love to create different style of scrapbooks and handmade flower.

My Facebook link -

My Few Recent Works

A very warm welcome to all you in a team. All the best !!
Our Teaching and Learning Program is going to Start from Second week of November, Stay Tuned for more updates!!

Rainbow Craftykari Team. 

Friday, 21 October 2016

Guest DT Reveal Oct' 2016 - Day One

Bonjour Crafters,

As you all know that 2 months back we have started Teaching and Learning Program and you have learned a lot of things from our talented Guest DT's. Now we are  back with more talented Guest DT's. You'll be thrill to meet them, Come and Say Hello to them

So here is our today's Guest DT's reveal -

Our first Guest DT is Karthikha

Over to you Karthikha,
I’m an IT tech lead by profession, and a crafter by passion. I hail from the district of Erode, in TamilNadu, and settled in Hyderabad. I live with my husband and 1 and a half year old daughter.

I've been into paper crafts since my childhood, making simple greeting cards, origami objects and looking forward to the Arts and Crafts period every week in school. Once I got into the IT industry, I took it to the next level by actually gifting my colleagues with a birthday card. I love the joy of giving something handmade and seeing the happiness from the receiver's eyes! I stumbled upon ICR last year and that is when I got to know about contests, blogs, tools, techniques, etc. I started blogging just to participate in contests and I started exploring the craft world. I have a lot to learn!! I also try DIY projects when I find time. Apart from cards, I do quilling and have made quite some earrings for myself and friends!
My Social Galleries:

Blog – K’s Kards and Krafts (
Facebook – K’s Kards and Krafts (

My few recent works

Our second Guest DT is Afreen Banu
Over to you Afreen,

Hello, I am Afreen Banu, staying in Trichy, Tamilnadu. I love to make handmade things, not restricted in particular techniques or field. Am passionate over handmade stuffs since from my childhood. Started my journey by gifting handmade cards and notebooks to friends and slowly started learning kundan jewels, aari work, stitching, clay flowers. My first paper craft works started with learning quilling studs and name plates, then now am into scrapbooks and card making.

My blog link -

 My few recent works

 Third Guest DT is Vinita Jain

Over to you Vinita,

Hi! I am Vinita Jain from Delhi. A retried Kindergarten teacher living with in-laws, a loving and supportive husband and 2 kids. I have been crafting in some way all my life but really got into card making, mixed media, altered art, home decor pieces since December 2013 and never look back. I have professional experience in fabric and oil panting, flower making, clay modelling with the degree course. I mainly focused on different techniques, layering, mixed media, less to more, my own handmade embellishments. 

My blog link -
My Facebook link -
 My few recent works

Fourth Guest DT is Duo of Mother and Daughter, Sunila & Aditi


Over to you Sunila & AditiSunila Mahajan, My Mother and me- Aditi Mahajan, started Dots to Lines and our forte is home decor, mixed media and altered art. We've been in arts and crafts for a very long time. My Mother, Sunila Mahajan - has a diploma in commercial art, and displays her artworks in various galleries across the world. She has also worked as a Graphic Designer at Hameed Mugal, Kenya. I, Aditi Mahajan - with a MSc. in Clinical Psychology and Dip. in Special Education, has taken up arts and crafts since school days and also practiced art therapy when working with children with special needs. I've took up an art course from School of Visual Arts, New York.

Crafting, thus has been a part of daily activities mostly in the form of various altered projects, or making gifts. However, it was about a year ago that we took up this hobby seriously and started Dots to Lines. We make home decor products and specialize in mixed media, decoupage and zentagling. We would love to contribute to the company's growth which will also ensure our personal growth.

Our style of art and craft is a fusion of techniques and usage of vibrant colours. We aim to spread joy. We cater to all home decor needs.


 My few recent works

That's all for today friends, but stay tune to our blog to reveal the other Guest DTs. 

Rainbow Craftykari Team.