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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Umber Handcrafted Box with Platter by Nikkita Sethi

Hello Crafty people,
I am so thrilled to be part of Rainbow Craftykari Design Team.
This is my first ever post for Rainbow Craftykari, and I have created a multipurpose gift box with matching platter.
So are you looking for an attractive and unique style of packaging for your gifts this festive season?
Search no more, because this handcrafted box will be your go-to, to keep and give all those lovely gifts. From chocolates to sweets, money to cards it works great with about anything.

Carefully handmade with a shabby chic look, using Papericious naturals collection papers, MDF Shapes, metal embellishments and mulberry flowers its great to have this platter- box set if you are looking to solve purpose of gifting something unique and stylish this festive season all in a new and more beautiful way.

Basic Instructions:
I have decoupaged the platter using modpodge matte and embellished it. For the multipurpose box, I have used chipboard to make it sturdy and adhered pattern paper and embellished with flowers, MDF Shapes and metal foot leg and corners. Than lastly, I have used inka gold platinum to give a smudged look to the MDF Shapes and corners.

Here by, we are complete now!!
Have used these beautiful high quality charms from Rainbow Craftykari Store

Metal Charm - Bronze Curved Legs - 4pcs

Antique Two Side Corners

Do leave some love. Happy Crafting!!

Nikkita Sethi

Materials used:
1 Papericious naturals collection
2 Chipboard - 1200 GSM
3 Black cardstock - 300 GSM
4 Tacky tape

5 Glossy accents
6 Mod podge matte
7 Inka gold platinum

8 MDF Shapes
9 Metal embellishments
Above listed Materials are available at Rainbow Craftykari Store or you can pre-order.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Guest DT Kriti: Triple Pockets Album Tutorial

Hello Crafty friends,Today we are presenting Our first Guest DT Kriti Mishra with her tutorial. Over to you Kriti.

Today I'm so happy to be a  guest DT on India's one of the most prestigious blog and a store Rainbow Craftykari. Today I'm here with a album tutorial which has a different pockets and fold. Grab your coffee and kick back on your favorite chair as we are going to start an detailed tutorial onTriple Pockets Album.

There are five basic points to keep in mind while making a mini album: 

1. Size of the album.
2. Number of pages.
3. Type of pages.
4. Color coordination.
5. Embellishments. 

This mini album measure 6" x 5". There are three pages. The style I have used for pages is Triple pocket with Tri fold flap(The style of all the pages has been kept identical so that the tutorial do not look heavy). Colors I have zeroed in on Pretty Purple and Sunny Yellow. And some embellishments which are listed below . Hope you all enjoy making it.


Step 1:- Take 3 chipboard pieces. Two of them are 6" x 5" in size, which will be the front and back for the album and one of them will be 6" x 2" in size, which will be the spine of this album. 

Step 2:- Attach all the three pieces with a piece of cello tape from both the sides, leaving a little bit gap between the chipboard pieces so that it can bend easily (This step is done so that when we cover it, chipboard pieces will not move and we will be able to cover it properly). 

Step 3:- Now cover it with the cardstock of size 8" x 14".


Step 1 :- Take a cardstock of size 5- 1/2" x 5", and start scoring at every 1/2" on the 5" side. 

Step 2:- Then, leaving an 1/2" space, pinch up the 1" score line to make the first hinge then leaving 1/2" space for gusset now pinch up the 2 - 1/2" score line for the second hinge then leave 1/2" space for gusset and lastly pinch 4" score line to make the third hinge. This process will make three hinges. 

Step 3:- Now, attach the hinge with the glue on the spine


Step 1:- Trim two pieces of cardstock. First of size 9 - 1/2" x 9", to make triple pockets and second of size 13" x 5- 1/2", to make tri fold flaps. 

Step 2:- Take the first piece n the longer side, score at 4- 1/2" and 9". Now, rotate the paper by 90° and score at 5- 1/2". 

Step 3:- Next, apply score tape to the 1/2" tab on the right and cut a notch at the 5 - 1/2" score line. 

Step 4:- Crease all the score lines well. Next, remove the tape backing, fold the left panel over and adhere the 1/2" tabs. 

Step 5:- Cut and adhere a mat for the top section (Size of mats should be less than 1/4" of the size of the page. Suppose size of the page is 3 x 4, then mat should be 2- 3/4" x 3- 3/4"). 

Step 6:- Apply tape along each side of the bottom section, remove the backing tape, fold up and adhere. Now, adhere a mat for this section. 

Step 7:- You now have three pockets, one on the bottom side, other directly behind it (both of them can be used for journaling)and a top loading pocket(can be used as a photo mat),which is larger in size.

Step 8:- Attach this to the left side of the first hinge after removing the backing tape. 

Step 9:- Now to create the tri fold flap, trim a piece of cardstock of size 13" x 5- 1/2". Then on the long side, score at 1/2", 5" and 9- 1/2". Crease all the score lines well. Now, adhere the flap to the right side of the first hinge by putting left most 1/2" tab on the hinge. 

Step 10:- Now, cut mats and adhere to each panel. Turnover, then cut and adhere mats for the remaining panels. 

Step 11:- Repeat all the steps to make 2 more pockets and 2 more tri fold flaps.

Step 12:- After adhering all the three pages, mat the back side of the cover of the album, by putting a ribbon and then hide the gusset also with the pattern paper. 


Step 1:- There are three pages in this album, which have three pockets, so there will be minimum 9 tags. Mat them accordingly.
Sizes of the tags
1. 4- 3/4" x 4- 1/4"(Three tags)
2. 2- 3/4" x 3" (Three tags)
3. 2-3/4" x 4- 1/4" (Three tags) 

Step 2:- As a finishing touch for the tags, take a thread of around 11" size of the coordinating color and fold it twice and tie around a clip. Attach the clip to the tags. 

Now tags are ready to go into the pockets.

Here are few inside view of the  album

Front Cover

For front cover I had adhesive a mat of purple color and then pasted a yellow color burlap sheet measuring 5'' by 4-1/2''. Then cut a piece measuring 5'' by 1'' from purple color burlap sheet and paste a yellow color lace on it.
Next add few self adhesive pearls and tag with label to it.

Material Required:

1. Chipboard/ Cardboard 
2. Designer pattern paper by Papericious (Dusk and Dawn, Pretty Basics, Orange Fall) 
3. Black cardstock 220gsm
4. Trim and Score board by We r memory keepers
5. Cello tape
6. Fevicol or Aleene's Tacky Glue
7. Scor Tape by Scor-Pal
8. Measuring Scale
9. Scissors
10.Embellishments like ribbon, burlap sheet ( Yellow and Purple), mulberry flowers(small), decorative button, lace(yellow), pearls(purple) and single ply wool(yellow) are from stash.
Above listed Materials are available at Rainbow Craftykari Store

Hope you like it. If you have any doubts then feel free to post comments here, will revert to you.

Thank you
Kriti Mishra
My blog -

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Guest DT Mansi Gupta: Mini Accordion Fold Album Tutorial

Hello Crafters, We're back with totally fresh batch of craft posts and we will make sure that you will going to learn and experiment new techniques through our DT's. Today we have came up with informative post on Mini Accordion Fold Album. Let me introduce to you a crafter who is Crafter by Heart, loves to Travel and Relish adventurous sports. She's into Scarpbooks, Decoupage, Volume Decoupage, Paper Craft, ceramic work, Collage clay and much much more. She is Mansi Gupta from Glitzern
Over to you Mansi
Hello Crafters,
Hope you all are doing well!!
Sharing a small tutorial on Super mini album in Accordion fold style. You can use this for anniversaries, birthdays, showers or any simple photo album. It is easy and cost effective to make. It measures 3.5 * 3.5 inches. Hope you will enjoy making it.

Material Required:
1) Chipboard/ Cardboard- 3.5* 3.5 iches- 2 pcs
3.5* ¾ inch- 1 pc.
2) Designer pattern paper- 3*3 inches- 11 pcs
3.25* 3.25 inches- 2 pcs
3.25* 1.5 inch- 1 pc
3) Black cardstock- 3.25* 19.5 inches- 1 pc.
4) Ribbon
5) Stamps and embellishments. 

First Step:
Score the black cardstock at the interval of 3.25 inches, and fan fold it. Our base of folded album will be ready.

Second Step:
Place the chipboard pcs on black cardstock and fold the ends making book like structure. Don’t forget to leave a little space (approx. 2mm) between the 3 panels. This space helps in folding the flaps. Stick the patterned paper inside the book, and keep it aside.


Third Step:
Now take the Fan fold strip and stick pattern paper pcs on it randomly using Aleene tacky glue or your favorite glue. (You can always increase the number of panels by sticking another black cardstock to it). Cover all the sides, front and back, except for the panel on the top.


Forth Step:
Now Paste the ribbon and the 3.25 inch sized pattern paper on top of book, paste the small pattern paper on spine to finalize the base of your album. Now with blank side at bottom, paste the album panels inside the album and yippee, your album is ready. 

Fifth Step:
Now this is my favorite step. Embellishments.
Use Sentiments, flowers, or any other decoration. I like to create a layer and keep it Simple. Here is the final look. Hope you enjoyed and understood this step to step process! Good luck and keep making more!!

List of Materials Used:
Papericious Paper Pack - Littel Star
Black Cardstock - 220 GSM
Mulberry Flowers
Aleene Tacky Glue