Thursday, 13 October 2016

Guest DT Manjit: Pretty Cash Box and Vintage Flower Tutorial

Hello Crafty friends,

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Today in our Teaching and Learning Program we have Manjit Kaur Bhalla as Guest DT with her Coin box with pretty handmade flowers. She has a very beautiful step by step tutorial on Box and lovely flowers. 

Over to you Manjit,

Hello friends,

I'm feeling super excited today while sharing my first ever step by step picture tutorial with you. Thanks to Rainbow Craftykari Team for giving me this opportunity. I'm going to show how I make these pretty cash boxes. 

So let's start,

Step 1
First I made the base of the box. For this I have taken an Ivory sheet of 300gsm and cut out an rectangle of 16.25'' long and 13'' wide. Score it as shown in the picture.Dotted marks show were to score and darker lines show were to cut. 

Step 2

I cut it according to the cutting lines with scissors carefully.

Step 3
Next I applied wet glue on the outer flaps and pasted them inside, this way all the four walls of the box become double layered and study.


Step 4
The base is ready.

Lets move on to the cover.
For the cover I have used the same technique as we use to make scrapbook cover. For this I have taken 3 chipboard pieces, out of them 2 pieces are of the same size i.e. half an inch longer and quarter inch wider than the bottom of the base. The 3rd piece is also half an inch longer and 1/8 inch wider than the height of the base box. I have taken all the 3 pieces and assembled and glued them on a ivory sheet as show in the photo.

Apply the wet glue on 2 sides of the base box and tacky tape on the edges as show in photo.

Before fixing the base box onto the cover I have tied an organza ribbon then I fixed it on the chipboard cover.

I hide the ribbon by gluing another piece of ivory sheet and pattern paper as shown in photo. Next glued pattern paper for whole box.

I have embellish the box using flower made by me using Joy craft die and rest other from my stash.

While arranging the flowers and leaves I always keep one thing in mind that the main flower should be the attraction of the items so it should be brightest and darkest then the rest of the embellishments. No other flower or embellishment should overshadow the beauty of the main flower.

The finished look of the box.

Vintage Flower Tutorial

Now its time for a quick flower tutorial. I will show you how I made that big flower.
For this I have die cut 6 flowers from 150gsm paper using the biggest die from Joy craft die. Then I sprayed some water on them.

I stacked all the 6 flowers and rubbed them directly on distress ink pad.

After rubbing all the petals the stacked flower will look like this. ( 1st image )
Now hold each petal and press towards the center. ( before that spray water if needed. By pressing the ink will spread. ( see bottom image )

After inking the stacked flowers, roll each petal over pen or marker. Holding the petal from both side gently pinch the petal, this will create veins in the petals. Repeat this procedure with rest of the petals but be careful while doing that because the petals are still wet so they might tear.

Separate all the flowers gently and let them to dry. After drying take each flower and press in the center using pen or embossing tool  so that the petals rise up. Then glue each flower from center and attach one over the another.

Press from the center to give 3D look and also give extra touch of color using ink applicator. Next add pollens to the center of the flower. 

The flower is ready.
You can make such flowers using any flower die or flower punch.

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial.
If any doubt feel free to ask.

Materials used-

Ivory cardstock 350gsm
Chipboard 2mm
Joy craft flourish leaf branch 1
Spellbinder timeless rectangle die
Spellbinder lace heart die
Joy craft Vintage flourishes flower 3
Spellbinder Rose creation die
Distress ink - fired brick
Eno greeting pattern paper
Brown punch craft paper
Red organza ribbon
Metal charm
Red tacky tape
Martha Steward scoring board
Paper cutter
Embossing tool
Cream punch craft paper 150gsmAbove listed Materials are available at Rainbow Craftykari Store or you can pre-order.



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